system components - ReVisionSys

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1 Magnetic base plate
2 Countersunk holes for mounting
3 Countersunk hole on the back for mandrel screw connection
4 Countersunk head screws for mounting on an element to be held
Senkkopfschrauben zur Befestigung auf einem zu haltenden (Fehler in D) Element
5 Countersunk head screw as a mandrel
6 Washer
7 Secured nut for pin fixing
8 Countersunk screw, magnet screw connection
9 Ring magnet with countersunk hole
10 Cone-shaped support rubber with bore
11 Washer between support rubber and fall protection
12 Washer between fall protection and self-locking nut
13 Fall protection with height fixation
14 Drill-hole for mandrel
15 Slot for magnet screw connection
16 Threaded hole for adjusting screw
17 Adjusting screw for height fixation
18 Secured Nut

ReVisionSys Explosionsdarstellung
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