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fall arresting device
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  • The magnetic holding systems are designed for temperatures of type 1 up to approx. 70-80 ° C and type 2 up to approx. 120-150 ° C. Special magnets up to 300 ° C are also possible. In the case of a fire, for example, the temperature can be significantly exceeded, which leads to a failure of the magnets.
    Thanks to the stainless steel fall arresting devicece, the element to be held is retained even when the magnet fails.
    The anti-fall device is adjustable. It can also be used for fixing the height of the elements to be held and absorb shear forces.
    The anti-fall device can be easily integrated into the magnetic holding system.
    The magnetic position on the base plate remains adjustable in position.
    The element to be held is removable (reversible).

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