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A backlit mirrored painting made of natural stone with ReVisionSys® revisionable mounted.
The natural stone slabs were calibrated by Grama Blend GmbH in their own process to a thickness of 3 mm and connected to a carrier material.
The ReVisionSys® base plates were preassembled in the factory on the screen for mounting.
After just two hours, the painting was reversibly mounted and the installer could leave the assembly site without leaving dirt.
Grama Blend GmbH had the task of reversibly fixing the illuminated paneling of the elevator portals in the 118 m high Upper West skyscraper at the Berlin Kurfürstendamm.
First, Z-profiles were provided for mounting the components.
Because of the small distance between the garments and the ceiling cladding, the magnetic-mechanical support system ReVisionSys® was presented by Kögel Systembau GmbH.
Here, the system demonstrated its high functionality and easy handling.
Also from the mechanics came a very good evaluation.
The elevator cladding were very quick and easy to install.

The assembled parts can be adjusted in all directions.
The stone cladding can be easily removed again.
To the article "Exklusive Natursteinanmutung" in the Liftjournal

In July 2017, Porcela Bobo Germany GmbH, D-97074 Würzburg, will open its new exhibition.
In particular, the 5 mm thick large-format ceramic panels are reversibly fixed to the wall with ReVisionSys®.
In the 118 m high Upper West in Berlin on the Kurfürstendamm the magnetic-mechanical support system "ReVisionSys" was used to reversibly attach the high-quality Grama Bland hybrid panels.
On 11.05.2017 the Grammar Blend GmbH in cooperation with the Kögel Systembau GmbH took place this year 4.Workshop.
Invited was the final class of natural stone mechanics of the state vocational school Eichstätt.
After the reception with drinks and pastries guests were greeted. In the following speech, the Managing Director of Grama Bland GmbH, Mr. Moller, presented the Blendstone® plates made of 3/4 mm thick natural stone produced in this plant on different carrier materials. Because of the low weight of the BlendStone® Alustandard and the high bending strength, it is possible to place large-size wall panels with the ReVisiosSys® holding system with only one man / woman. Our mechanic needed about 10 min / m².
The other lecture was held by the CEO of Kögel Systembau GmbH, Mr. Kögel, through the ReVisionSys® magnetic-mechanical support system.
Following the lecture, the practical demonstration of the Grama Blend BlendStone® panels with ReVisionSys® was installed on a substructure on the wall. Also the simple remove of the plates was demonstrated.
A tour through the firm followed by a snack completed the excursion.

Reversibele Verkleidung der Aufzugportale.
Die ersten Bilder aus dem Objekt mit der Grama Blend GmbH.
Naturstein-Leichtbauelemente mit ReVisionSys® reversibel montiert.
Eingebaute Beleuchtungs- und Elektronik Elemente sind somit zugänglich.
Video for reversible mounting of Blendstone® with ReVisionSys®
Mounting variant ReVisionSys® screwed with dowel in masonry.
the time needed for assembly with only one man is approx. 10 min / m².
Aufzur Verkleidung im Upper West Berlin
Wandplatten Montage mit dem ReVisionSys Haltesystem
After the overwhelming response of the joint workshop with Grama Blend GmbH, we will have the next workshop on Thursday, March 2, 2017 in the showroom and in the new production hall at Grama Blend GmbH.
Platte lösen
The ReVisionSys magnetic-mechanical support system has established itself as an ideal system for the reversible fastening of the GramaBlend hybrid plates (
On 26.01.2017, the first joint workshop will take place in the showroom in the newly built hall of Grama Blend GmbH.
Further workshops are planned.
If you are interested in participating, please let me know by email with. You can also specify your desired date.
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