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application description

  • With our systems reversible wall cladding can be built.
  • Different, coordinated systems for different requirements.
  • Designed primarily for indoor use.
  • Can be used in new buildings and for existing buildings.
  • Free design with numerous different, suitable materials.
  • Das Design kann geändert werden.
  • Walls can also be insulated in the interior afterwards.
  • Installations can be installed on / in front of the raw wall and no longer have to be left intricately in the wall.
  • The wall spacing is variable and can be selected according to the requirements.
  • Installations for water / waste water, electricity, ventilation ... remain accessible.
  • Installations for e.g. Sockets, TV connection ... can also be added later.
  • A substructure can be installed for fastening loads. Due to the revision capability of the veneering system, the substructure can be modified or supplemented later.
  • In case of fire protection requirements, the load securing system can be integrated into the holding system.
  • With the panel weight vertical load securing device, the height of the elements to be held can be adjusted and fixed.

In order to prevent improper handling, storage, use, as well as avoidable dangers, the ReVisionSys® system may only be handled by specially trained personnel.

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